Europe Unlocked HTC 10 Getting Camera and Battery improvements, August Security Update (RUU 1.90.401.5)

Europe Unlocked HTC 10 has gotten an OTA update that bumped up to build version number 1.90.401.5 from previous released build version 1.80.401.1 way back in June. The update stated that it brings the camera performance enhancements, system stability improvements, and the implementation of August Security update. This security update adds up several Google and Samsung security patches to resolve the known and unknown Android vulnerabilities.

What’s New in 1.90.401.5 Update:

  • Camera performance enhancements
  • System stability improvement
  • Google security enhancements

The update weighs at around 360 MB in size and can be downloaded via Over-The-Air. While the stock RUU 1.90.401.5 itself is also available for grab for those who prepared the manual flashing. Again this update is for the Europe’s unlocked  HTC 10 users only.  So make sure to manually check the update if you have the said HTC 10 variant if you haven’t received the notification message yet.

Here is the screenshot of said update:
Europe Unlocked HTC 10 update 1.90.401.5

How to Update HTC 10 to version 1.90.401.5

Ensure your phone’s battery is fully charged before starting the software update. This is a must and a very important part to get rid of undesirable outcomes if ever the software update is being interrupted just due to a power failure.

  1. From the Home screen tap All apps , tap Settings .
  2. Tap About.
  3. Tap Software updates.
  4. Tap Check now.
  5. Tap DOWNLOAD to download the update.
  6. The status of the download can be checked in the Notifications pull down. Once the download is complete, the user will be prompted to install from the Notifications pull down.
  7. Tap the System update to begin the upgrade process.
  8. Tap OK to begin the update process to software version 1.90.401.5.