Galaxy S7 Stock Firmware (Latest OTA Update)

These are Samsung Galaxy S7 full factory firmware images or stock ROM that were officially built and released via Over-The-Air  (OTA) firmware update, and or thru Smart Switch for PC update. These are all unmodified or unrooted, its all original and are very usable for restoring back your Samsung Galaxy S7 devices to its original factory default settings from its modified or rooted state.

These stock firmware are for advance users and after-market developers use only, everyone can manually flash these files using ‘Odin3 flasher tool’ while connecting the device through a PC using the supplied USB data cable. The following the main usage of the stock firmware itself.

Galaxy S7 Stock Firmware Usage:

  1. Unroot – It can remove root and return back the Galaxy S7 to its original Android OS state.
  2. Revert back to stock – Restore the Galaxy S7 device from any custom ROM to stock official firmware.
  3. Manually upgrade to Android Version such as Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean whenever you like
  4. Fix Soft-bricks – bootloops, stuck at welcome screen or Samsung logo.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS:  Grab the corresponding firmware build according to your phone’s model number. It should match your Galaxy S7 model number no matter what SIM-card you are using at to a certain carrier or network provider. Flashing a non-specified stock firmware to other variants may result into undesirable outcome. Don’t play around with stock firmware if you do not exactly knew when, where, and how to use it.

How to Check Galaxy S7 model number?

You may check the model number of your Galaxy S7 phone by maneuvering in the system settings. From Home screen >  tap AppsSettings > About device.
How to check the model number galaxy S7

Model number Carrier
SM-G930A  AT&T
SM-G930F  International version
SM-G930P  Sprint
SM-G930T  T-Mobile
SM-G930U  US unlocked version
SM-G930V  Verizon
SM-G930W8  Canadian carrier version

If you have the Galaxy S7 edge you must use the Galaxy S7 edge firmware.  The regular Galaxy S7 firmware will not work on the Galaxy S7 edge variant. You may simply find it here instead: Galaxy S7 Edge Stock Firmware

Sprint Galaxy S7 SM-G930P

Build version OTA Update summary Release date Stock firmware
G930PVPU2APH7 September security patch. (details) September 14, 2016 (soon)
G930PVPS2APG1 Google Security fix.
July security maintenance release.
Various system improvements. (details)
July 21, 2016 (link)
G930PVPU2APF2 Google Security update.
June security update. (details)
June 27, 2016 (link)
G930PVPU2APE1 Wi-Fi Calling improvements.
Battery life improvements.
Bug Fixes/
Android Security Patches. (details)
May 26, 2016 (link)
G930PVPU2APD3 Bug Fixes.
Android Security Patches. (details)
April 25, 2016 (link)
G930PVPU2APC5 Android Security Patches March 28, 2016 (link)
G930PVPU1APB5 Initial Release. Android version 6.0.1, Marshmallow.  March 11, 2016 (link)

T-Mobile Galaxy S7 SM-G930T

Build version OTA Update summary Release date Stock firmware
G930TUVU3APG1 Google Security fix.
June and July security maintenance release.
Various system improvements. (details)
July 8, 2016 (link)
G930TUVS3APD8 Google Security update. (details) May 23, 2016 (link)
G930TUVU2APD7 FM Radio enabled.
Power and Volume key fix.
Various system improvements. (details)
May 4, 2016 (link)
G930TUVU2APC8 Mandatory Security updates April 4, 2016 (link)
G930TUVS2APB8 Security updates March 17, 2016 (link)
G930TUVU1APB6 Initial Release. Android version 6.0.1, Marshmallow.  March 11, 2016 (link)

AT&T Galaxy S7 SM-G930A

Build version OTA Update summary Release date Stock Firmware
G930AUCS4API2 Android security patch for September. (details) September 26, 2016 (n/a)
G930AUCS2APH1 Android security patch for August. (details) August 25, 2016 (n/a)
G930AUCU2APG1 Setup and Transfer.
Wi-Fi Calling.
IPME AMBS Phase 3 (details)
 July 27, 2016 (n/a)
 G930AUCS2APF2 Enhanced Security update for June. (details)  June 17, 2016  (n/a)
G930AUCS2APE1 Enhanced Security update for May. (details)  May 12, 2016  (n/a)
G930AUCU2APD1 DTV Widget added to HomeScreen.
Improves home and volume keys responsiveness.
Improves WIFI performance when using BTLE.
Other performance and security enhancements. (details)
April 20, 2016  (n/a)
G930AUCS2APC2 Enhanced Security update  March 18, 2016  (n/a)

Verizon Galaxy S7 SM-G930V

Build version OTA Update summary Release date Technical details
G930VVRS4APH1 Device Performance improvements. September security patch. (details)  September 20, 2016 (n/a)
G930VVRU2APG5 HD Voice performance improvements. August security patch. (details)  September 1, 2016 (n/a)
G930VVRS2APF2 July Android security patch. (details)  July 14, 2016 (n/a)
G930VVRU2APE1 Enhanced security updates. (details)  June 11, 2016 (n/a)
G930VVRU2APD2 Security patch updates. (details)  May 9, 2016 (n/a)
G930VVRU2APB5 Improves Wi-Fi connectivity on Marshmallow OS.
Fixes issues including:
Trouble connecting to the internet. Frequent data disconnections.
Problems while loading files or web pages. (details)
 March 25, 2016 (n/a)
G930VVRS2APB4  Android security patch  March 18, 2016 (n/a)
G930VVRU1APB1 Initial Release. Android version 6.0.1, Marshmallow.  March 11, 2016 (n/a)

United States Galaxy S7 SM-G930U (Unlocked version)

Build version OTA Update summary Release date Technical details
G930UUEU2APG9 Security patch updates.
Bug fixes. (details)
August 1, 2016 (n/a)
G935UUEU2APEH Initial released. Android Marshmallow July 7, 2016 (n/a)

Canada Galaxy S7 SM-G930W (Unlocked & Carrier branded version)

All major and minor Canadian carrier’s Galaxy S7, including the factory unlocked version were treated with similar firmware builds. But it differs on consumer specification codes or “CSC” on each designated network provider.  The CSC can be changed so it basically means one can uses any carriers firmware  accordingly. The following are the “CSC” codes for each carrier: XACUnlocked version,  TLS Telus, BMC – Bell, RWC – Rogers, GLWWind Globalive, VTRVideotron, BWASasktel, FMCFido, KDOKoodo, VMCVirgin-mobile,  ESKEastlink, and MTAMTS.

Build version OTA Update summary Release date Stock Firmware
G930W8VLU2API1 September Security Patch update. (details)  September 20, 2016
G930W8VLU1APG1 Android Wi-Fi calling.
Security updates.
July 25, 2016
G930W8VLU1APD3 Stability improvements, touchscreen fixes, and a shape correction feature for the camera that automatically fixes skewed shots. April 18, 2016 XAC-PD3 (LINK)
G930W8VLU1APB7  Initial released. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow March 12, 2016 XAC-PB7 (LINK)

United Kingdom, Europe’s Galaxy S7 SM-G930F (Unlocked version)

UK’s Galaxy S7 firmware updates get delayed for no reasons, so we’ve taken from other select countries most latest firmware released version. Besides, Europe’s factory unlocked version of the Galaxy S7 shares the same firmware version and only differs in CSC codes. The following are the CSC codes that were included in the list: United KingdomBTU, Ireland, and the rest of Europe unlocked versionXEU, ItalyITV, THE Netherlands – PHN, Germany – DBT, France – XEF. 

Build version OTA Update summary Release date Stock Firmware
G930FXXU1BPHJ August security patch updates  August 22, 2016 BTU – (link)
XEU – (link)
G930FXXU1BPH6 August security patch updates  August 22, 2016 ITV – (link)
G930FXXU1APGF July security patch updates  July 22, 2016 ITV- (link)
G930FXXS1APG4 July security patch updates  July 19, 2016 PHN -(link)
G930FXXS1APG3  July security patch updates  July 11, 2016 BTU- (link)
XEU- (link)
G930FXXU1APF5  June security patch updates  June 27, 2016 PHN- (link)
G930FXXU1APEQ June security patch updates  June 12, 2016 XEU- (link)
G930FXXU1APD3 April’s security patch updates  April 11, 2016 BTU- (link)
XEU- (link)
G930FXXU1APD1 Bug fixes, April security patch  April 10, 2016 XEF- (link)
G930FXXU1APC8 Bug fixes, system improvements  March 22, 2016  

BTU- (link)
XEU- (link)

G930FXXU1APAW  Initial released  March 9, 2016 BTU- (link)

Australia, New Zealand  Galaxy S7 SM-G930F

Australia and New Zealand Galaxy S7 shares same firmware builds but it has different CSC codes. The CSC code for Australia isXSA”, while New Zealand is “NZC”.  The list below shows you the factory unlocked released version only.

Build version OTA Update summary Release date Stock Firmware
G930FXXU1BPHC Bug fixes.  August 25, 2016 XSA-(link)
G930FXXS1APH2 Android security update for August  August 22, 2016 XSA-(link)
G930FXXU1APGH Android security update for July  August 5, 2016 XSA-(link)
G930FXXU1APF2 Android security update for the month of June  June 28, 2016 XSA-(link)
G930FXXU1APDN  May’s security update  May 11, 2016 XSA- (link)
G930FXXU1APD1 Security update for the month of April  April 28, 2016  


G930FXXU1APC8 Security updates. Several system improvements  March 23, 2016 XSA- (link)
G930FXXU1APAW Initial released of Android 6.0.1 marshmallow  March 12, 2016 XSA-(link)



Odin3_v3.12.0 Multi-flasher USB driver
(here) Download Smart Switch for PC or grab these file (here)

This page will be updated from time to time if and when there are new sets of stock firmware being held available for each specified Samsung Galaxy S7 listed above.

Page last updated on January 17, 2017